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Controller Coasters!

Color Option
B) Black/White
C) Lavender
D) Camo
E) Black
F) Multi-Neon
G) Lego Blocks
H) Bluz
I) Purps

Are you a gamer? Do you use a controller? Well if you said yes to both of those questions, here’s another... Did you know today’s the day you and your gaming setup gets an aesthetic~* u p g r a d e !?

Finally...something you never knew you needed until now. Keep your controller cozy, your table happy and your setup looking clean‼️

The first drop is now available in limited supply!

Choose from 9 colors (see pictures for details):  (A) Blue with Pink Dots;  (B) Black and White;  (C) Cozy Lavender;  (D) Camo;  (E) Cozy Black;  (F) Multi-Color Neon;  (G) Lego Bricks;  (H) Cozy Bluz;  (I) Cozy Purps

~ "Cozy" coasters are made from an extra fluffy material(´∀`) 


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